Disneyland Candlelight Procession 2017

Welcome Everyone!

I finally got a chance to get my pictures together from this years’ Candlelight Procession at Disneyland.

For the uninitiated, the Candlelight Procession is an annual musical retelling of the story of “The First Christmas”, which features a massive choir and a special guest narrator. The music is provided by The Disneyland Symphony Orchestra complete with fanfare trumpeters and is held at the Main Street USA Train Station in Disneyland. The event itself is about 45 minutes long and is only reserved for special VIP guests who are seated in the main square of main street; but the general public is allowed to crowd around the perimeter to also watch the show.

Now when I say it’s a massive choir….I mean about 550 people massive.  I have to say, they sound utterly amazing.  Here is a quick 2 minute video of the choir traveling down Main Street to the Train Station. Sorry about the shakiness and quality of the videos; nighttime video and wall to wall people does not make for the best video conditions. 🙂


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Pixar Pier Coming in 2018

Hello Disney Day Dreamers,

It was announced this past summer at D23 that Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure park would be transformed from Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier in Summer 2018.  This week they have released the first images and information of the transformation.Pixar Pier

The transformation will serve as an enhancement to the area changing many of the Paradise elements to Pixar themed attractions and character interactions. There will be four new neighborhoods all taken from the Pixar movie worlds. The first and biggest change will be the California Screaming Coaster being transformed into the Incredicoaster.

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Paint Nite Fun!!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope all is well for you on the other side of the screen.  Life has been busy, but good.  So it was nice to take a breather a couple nights ago and having the opportunity to be a part of something really cool called Paint Nite.

Paint Nite is essentially a group of people that get together at a local bar or restaurant to sit and drink…and paint.  The organizers set up a series of blank canvases and an instructor then helps the entire group paint a single picture.  Drinking and painting…what could be better?

The picture for our group that night was called “Lust in the Wind” by Fuqua Duarte.  Sounds enticing right?

Paint Nite Pic

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